Prevent Burnout: Acting Promptly Pays off!

Don’t Be the Same, Be Better!

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business.

Individual Coaching

Coaching boosts confidence, improves work performance, and builds effective communication skills.

Burnout Prevention Training

Train your employees to prevent themselves and others from going over the edge.

Individual Coaching

The impact of coaching on employee motivation, wellbeing and performance is enormous. Providing individual coaching will not only boost your employee’s engagement and productivity, it will also reduce your staff turnover, highly engaged employees are less likely to leave.
Key Benefits
1. Enhances performance and engagement
2. Develops problem-solving skills
3. Empowers confidence and potential

Burnout Prevention Training

Protect your employees against stress-related illnesses. The more your workforce knows about the phenomenon of stress and how to deal with it, the fewer chances there are, that it will occur at all.

Burnout syndrome represent a huge risk for companies. In Switzerland, the economic damage caused by stress is estimated at CHF 7.6 billion, annually. 

The goal of burnout prevention training:

1. Recognize burnout at an early stage
2. Identify risks and how to avoid them
3. Learn strategies for effectively dealing with stress

Acting promptly pays off. 

Early prevention pays off

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